The focus of the business activieties of Aec Asia is on the conception and preparation of commercial real estates and other real assets. We strive for international investors to find safe and profitable real estate projects in European countries especially in Germany and Switzerland. We try with dedication to complete the projects until the very successful end. We are determend to provide the highest standards of services such for property investment analysis and capital appreciation with the consideration of local finance laws and tax laws. Our team has extensive experience in project appraisal, lending negotiations, financial restructuring and sourcing new management and leasing resources for your property. In addition, our investor relations team can take over the communication, tax and entity compliance for investor groups.

Global Sourcing

We are looking for suitable objects and projects for our clients on transnational global level. We focus particularly on EU countries, as we are well connected in Europe and already have a variety of business activities. Nevertheless, Germany and Switzerland remains our main field of business, as we have most business activities in those countries. Access to low-cost sources of supply is of utmost importance to us primarily because it comes with a great advantage and motivation for investors.


Dirk Schäfer: Controling & Financing Manager
of Aec-Asia.
He has professional experiences for more than 24 years as chief accountant and he specialized in the matter of tax and business consulting. Mr. Schäfer has also worked as business consultant for many start ups.

Ch. Kim: is owner and Chief Executive Officer of Aec-Asia. Mr.Ch.Kim is licensed real estate broker in Europe (EIA) and he was Quality Innovation Manager at Samung SDI Germany GmbH for more than 12 years before he has been engaged in the business field of real estates since 2016. Mr.Kim grew up in Germany and speaks Korean and English on a native level. Japanese is also possible.

Business Partners

Aec-Asia is cooperating with several real estate companies and real estate consultants from Germany. For example with