Our Services

Travel & Language Services

We have access to an excellent network of experienced interpreters / translators and are able to offer you the best possible services. We are experienced especially in the field of politics, social structures, history, economy, culture (music and art) and sports. We can also offer professional translation and interpretation as a city guide. We are specialized on small travel groups of 3, to a maximum of 12 persons, to whom we dedicate ourselves with optimally organized theme trips. The issues relate to themes in Germany, such as “beer and wine”, cars, football, music, galleries, historical themes (German unification or the social system).

Visa assistance & Investment Consulting

Visa application help incl. supports in company start-ups and investment concepts.The visa services and investment advice are performed by the accounting and consulting company “adasda”. If an unexpected visa problem occurs, then this case will be handled by a lawyer, who is specialized in immigration law in Germany. Business Plan: For business visa and bank loans The deciding- and key-point for getting a residence permit in Germany is that the immigrants do not burden the social system in Germany, but that they are useful in terms of economy and job creation.

Secretarial services for foreign companies

If you have decided to do business in Germany, either by the company or by means of establishment of a representative office, then we can offer you the maximum possible supports, in cooperation with the company “adasda”. According to your needs, we will help you in making decisions for the right type of companies in Germany. If your company has a presence in Germany, we offer our network which comes with a “full office service”, starting with secretarial services and full range of financial management (including insurance advising and real estate agency) – and even interim management. See all our services

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